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 Response at IITF 2023 Trade Fair New Delhi

Jalandhar, India – December 9, 2023 – SalesmanHub, a leading young startup as sales platform, expressed its deep appreciation for the positive interactions and enthusiastic feedback received during its visit to the recently concluded India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2023 in New Delhi. While not an official participant with a booth, the company actively engaged with other attendees and was pleasantly surprised by the keen interest and appreciation shown towards its unique sales solutions.

“While we went to the IITF as visitors this year, the positive feedback and enthusiastic inquiries we received have truly inspired us,” said Vivek Jindal, COO  at SalesmanHub. “The appreciation for our concept and the desire of many participants to associate with us has fueled our motivation to further develop and expand our offerings.”

“While we didn’t have a booth at the IITF this year, our interactions with fellow attendees were incredibly valuable,”. “The positive feedback on our concept and the desire of many businesses to learn more about our solutions has been truly motivating. We are excited to explore the potential for collaboration and partnership with many of the individuals we met.”

Despite not having a physical presence, SalesmanHub’s representatives actively engaged with attendees through discussions and demonstrations of the company’s platform. They gained valuable insights into the diverse industry trends and perspectives of attendees, which will be instrumental in further developing and expanding SalesmanHub’s offerings.

“The collaborative spirit at the IITF was truly inspiring,” added Vivek Jindal, COO  at SalesmanHub. “We met with businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, each with unique challenges and opportunities. These interactions have provided us with valuable insights that will fuel our innovation and drive our commitment to empowering businesses with effective sales solutions.”

The positive response at the IITF has reinforced SalesmanHub’s dedication to its mission. The company remains committed to leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to help businesses streamline their sales processes, build stronger customer relationships, and achieve their growth objectives.

SalesmanHub extends its sincere gratitude to all the participants and organizers of the IITF 2023 Trade Fair New Delhi for making their visit such a rewarding and insightful experience.

About SalesmanHub

SalesmanHub is a young startup. 

We work with businesses to introduce their products to new markets thereby saving time and opportunity cost for the businesses. SalesmanHub works as extension of Business sales team which helps businesses to focus on whats important like, product, quality, planning, etc. Salesman Hub team is the provides last mile engagement with the retailers by offloading product introduction to the markets. 

offers a comprehensive suite of features, including lead management, opportunity tracking, pipeline management, forecasting, and reporting. SalesmanHub is committed to helping businesses achieve their full sales potential by providing them resources they need to succeed.